For first timers, the amount of choice you’re faced with can be daunting when it comes to cruising. You’ve got a dizzying amount of destinations to consider and vast amounts of cruise lines to choose from before you’ve even booked.

Once you’ve picked an itinerary and liner, you need to decide on a cabin to call home. But don’t fret, that’s part of the fun of cruising. You might find yourself spoilt for choice, but Cruise 1st Ireland is here to guide you to the cabin that’s right for you…

Generally speaking, there are around five types of cabin on board a cruise ship. A bit more compact than a hotel room, but still with plenty of quality and luxury, we’ll explore the categories to make things a little bit easier.Corridor leading to cruise cabins


If you’re looking for a place to unpack your bags and use for sleep, then an inside cabin is the one for you, especially since they don’t have any outside views. Fewer frills and unfussy, this is the room to go for if you’re looking to spend more time exploring cities or soaking up the sun on the top deck.


While these cabins don’t appear on every ship, some cruise liners feature interior cabins with windows or balconies that overlook the inside of the vessel, from lush gardens to spacious promenades. Undoubtedly unique, but consider that these areas can become noisy and busy through the day.

Ocean View

For a brighter, more spacious feeling room, ocean view cabins come complete with a non-opening window. Depending on the liner, the window varies in size, from a small porthole to larger panoramic style windows.

Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that some windows can be obstructed – sometimes cruise line literature fails to make mention of obstruction, so be sure to double check.two empty chairs and table on board of cruise liner


Starting your day with breakfast on the balcony, the sun beaming down and serene waters passing by is an experience like no other. It definitely beats the hurried slice of toast on your way to work anyway.

If you like a bit of privacy when you recline or a brand-new view when you get up every morning, then a balcony cabin is for you.


On the premium side of things, suites offer the ultimate luxury when you’re on the water. If you feel like splashing out, then these premium suites are the way to go. Ranging from amenity-laden standard rooms that include spa areas to huge multi-floor rooms, they’re pricey, but they provide a spectacular cruise experience.View forward from bridge on a large modern passenger cruise liner

Things to ask yourself

Before you book, have a think about your group’s needs. Are you looking to save money? Will you be in your room much? Are you a smoker? Do you tend to get seasick? How mobile are others in your group? There are plenty of questions to ask yourself before you book. The good news, there’s a cabin to fit you whatever you’re looking for.

Get to know these terms

With cruise literature, you might come across a few unfamiliar terms. Before you book, take a look at this list of cruise lingo, so you’re in the know:

Aft/forward – Aft refers to the back of the ship, while the front of the ship is forward when used as adjectives. Used in terms such as ‘aft balcony cabins’ or ‘Deck 8 forward’.

Bow/stern – The front part of the ship is called the bow, while the back part of the ship is called the stern.

Gangway – The ramp or stairway that leads from the ship to pier, that allows passengers to embark and disembark.

Guarantee – A fare class allowing the cruise line to select your cabin number, often at a lower price than those of the same cabin category.

Lido deck – The pool deck.

Muster drill/muster station – A muster drill refers to an event that passengers must attend in a specific location and receive instructions in the event of emergency. The muster station is the location passengers must go to during a drill or an actual emergency.

Port/starboard – Nautical terms for left and right, respectively.

Stateroom – Another name for cabin, some cruise lines refer to their rooms by this term exclusively.

If this guide to choosing the perfect cabin has helped you reach a decision, why not book yourself one of Cruise1st Ireland’s amazing deals? See the full selection of itineraries online or call our friendly sales team on 01 536 0938.


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