Decided to go solo for your next cruise holiday? The freedom you’re given by individual travel opens up a world of discovery; you get all the advantages of a cruise with the added bonus that you can go at your own pace, wherever you are in the world. Far from daunting, solo cruises are becoming increasingly popular, so there’s never been a better time to book this much-loved kind of cruise.

Whether you’ve travelled on a cruise before or not, sailing the seas on your own is an experience like no other. Let Cruise1st Ireland take you through the things to consider when you’re travelling in this unique way.

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Which cruise lines cater to single travellers?

There are plenty of cruise lines offering single cabins these days, an undoubted boon for the solo traveller. Be sure to look out for the ones that don’t charge extra; Cunard Line, P&O Cruises, Fred Olsen and Thomson Cruises keep things affordable, while lines will completely waive the dreaded single supplement in some cases. Speaking of…

Single supplements  

You want to look for the cruise lines that charge little, or no single supplements – a premium that solo cruisers are levied with when they stay in a room by themselves. As they range from anywhere between 10 to 100% of the standard accommodation rate, they can be a particular nuisance when it comes to the total price.

Shop around before you commit to a cruise that’s charging you more for what is, in effect, less.

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It’s easy to find fellow singletons

It might seem somewhat intimidating at first, but there’s likely going to be a lot of other people going solo too, especially if you’re cruising on a ship with plenty of single cabins.

Plus, the majority of cruise lines have online discussion boards that let you connect with other people on the same cruise, so there’s opportunity to get to know your fellow passengers before you’ve even stepped foot on the ship.

Consider talking to the cruise director, too. They’re there to make sure everyone has the best time and can help with introductions if you let them know that you’re looking for other single travellers.

Consider sharing a cabin

If you can’t find anywhere with little or no single supplement, there’s always the possibility you could share a room with a fellow traveller. It’ll help you save a little cash, and you’ll have an instant buddy to socialise with.

Holland America Line has a Single Partners Share Programme to make the process more straightforward, with options to tailor who you stay with when you’re on board.

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Pick your dining partners

When you go for the traditional on-board dining, you’ll be assigned a time and table, so you’ll get to know your culinary companions every night. If you have reservations about their company, don’t be afraid to be re-seated – it’s your cruise to enjoy your way, so talk to the maître d’, they’ll be more than happy to point out similar diners. Also, be sure to opt for a later time for more chance to be seated with like-minded guests.

Leave a calling card

If you’re travelling on a larger ship and you’re looking to socialise, then bring along a few calling cards that have your name and cabin number on them. It’ll make arranging things a lot easier and you won’t be as reliant on chance meetings during your time on the ship.

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