It’s common knowledge that most holidays don’t have a set, standardised price. Whether you’re camping in the countryside, booked into a city centre hotel or enjoying a luxury cruise – quite often you’ll have paid a different price to your neighbours in the plot, room or cabin next to you. So, how do you make sure you pay the lowest price and get the best possible deal?

Whilst we can’t confess to being camping experts, we know a thing or two about cruising. So here, we share a few of our insider tips to help you get the very best deal on a cruise holiday.

1. Book Ahead


There may be a host of websites and holiday operators which specialise in last-minute bookings, suggesting these provide the best chance of an ultra-cheap getaway. However, many cruise lines like to fill up their cabins early and will often incentivise bookings well in advance with reductions and special offers. You may be able to secure a low-cost booking or get a few extras thrown into the price of your cruise.

Plus, with booking ahead, you’ve got more choice. If you’re aiming for a last-minute cruise, you may find your preferred itineraries and ships are fully booked.

2. Opt for a Guaranteed Cabin

With most cruise lines, when you’ve picked your cabin type, you’ll often be given the chance to pick an ‘assigned’ or ‘guaranteed’ cabin. An assigned cabin comes at a higher price and gives you the chance to pick the exact cabin you’d like. However, we reckon the price reduction of a guaranteed cabin is better value for money. Not only is the cost lower, you’re actually more likely to receive an upgrade if the higher-class cabins are not all filled.

3. Chat to our Friendly Sales Team

Here’s where it pays to be upfront and just a little cheeky. Rather than booking the package online straight away, it may be worth giving us a call when you see the deal you like. Our sales team may be able to personalise the package to your specific tastes, and could even throw in a saving if the cruise line has just added a little wiggle room to the price of the cost.

4. Consider a Repositioning Cruises


If you’re considering a cruise holiday because of the cruising aspect and the luxurious days spent on the sea, rather than the destinations you’ll potentially visit – a repositioning cruise could be for you. These cruises occur when a ship departs one home port for a new homeport at the start of an upcoming cruise season – and traditionally include no port calls.

The primary purpose is for relocation, but cabins are still available on these cruises – often at a price significantly lower than other cruise itineraries. So, if you want to simply relax in the on-board spa, make the most of the ship’s amenities and sample some world-class fare in the dining venues – this could be the low-price cruise for you.

5. Monitor Twitter

Whether you’re a social butterfly or don’t know your Tweets from your Tweeps – Twitter is a great tool for monitoring cruise deals. Travel agents, tour operators and cruise lines are all quick to put their latest deals on Twitter – so follow them all for a first look at great cruise prices.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Money Back


If you’ve followed our advice and booked early, only to discover that your deal has reduced in price as the cruise draws closer – there’s no need to worry. Get in touch with your agent and ask to be refunded the difference, cruise lines are often very accommodating with these requests. At the very least, they may be willing to offer an extra or two to keep you sweet.

7. Bundle Up with Drinks Packages and Extras

Adding extras and bundles to your cruise may seem counterproductive to saving money – but there are great long-term gains to be made from this. If you’re planning a boozy trip, alcohol packages could save you great sums during your holiday, and ensure you don’t worry about the cost of an extra cocktail at the end of another beautiful day at sea.

And one final tip, head over to our homepage to check out the web’s best selection of cruise deals. Alternatively, give us a call on 01 536 0938 and our friendly team will help you find your perfect cruise package. 


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