Planning for your first cruise holiday is wonderfully exciting. Slightly less exciting is the process of budgeting, trying to figure out exactly how much you’ll need to swap at the bureau de change.

To make sure you’ve got all the information you need to effectively budget for your cruise holiday, we have highlighted the seven most common hidden costs of cruise holidays, to ensure that your holiday isn’t affected by any shock bills.

1. Daily Gratuities

The majority of cruise lines charge a gratuity per person per night. This is a fixed amount which is added onto the final bill. Make sure you’re aware of this fee, otherwise you’ll have a nasty surprise as you leave the ship. The amount can be altered if you head over to the main desk during your cruise, but always consider the hard work of the on-board crew.

2. Speciality Dining

For all the claims of all-inclusive food, some dining venues will be outside of this offer. Whilst the main dining room will be covered as will a couple of other foodie venues – the more upmarket restaurants will often come at an extra cost. Make sure you know which restaurants are included in the all-inclusive deal, so you’re not stuck with an unwelcome bill.

3. Spa Treatments

A little me-time when enjoying a cruise is a wonderful treat, but almost always comes at a high cost. Check out the price menu before entering the spa.

Helpful tip: Some lines will reduce the price of spa treatments during port stays, so if there is a port visit you’re not bothered about – this could be the best time to head over to the spa.

4. Photos

The kind crew member offering to take your photo will only print off and pass you the picture for a price. The best way to avoid this? Pack your own camera and be your own photographer for the week.

5. Surfing the Net

On-board internet connections are growing stronger every year with cruise lines investing massive sums into making sure their guests can connect to the web almost anywhere. However, on board most cruise liners, this will come at a price. Some liners offer a pay-per-minute model, whilst some offer a pass for a set amount of time. Just make sure you know how much surfing time you’re entitled to before you log on for a marathon catch-up session on Facebook.

6. Room Service

Even if room service is included in the all-inclusive dining package you’ve secured, you could find a service charge added to your bill. These change line-by-line, but don’t be surprised to see this included on your final bill if you indulge in a little room service.

And, we don’t really begrudge the cruise lines this one – room service is an absolute luxury.

7. Corkage

Some lines allow you to pack a bottle of wine or two in your suitcase, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion on board. However, if you’re gearing up to pop the cork to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, don’t be surprised if you face a small additional charge. Like many bars and restaurants, cruise lines are quick to charge corkage if you start supping your own vintage.

Now you’ve got the knowledge to protect against those hidden costs of cruising, why not head over to our homepage to check out our amazing array of cruise deals? Alternatively, give us a call on 01 536 0938 and our helpful team will help you find your perfect cruise package. 



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